The Springfield Noon Lions Club Foundation voted to provide the necessary funds to St Louis Washington University’s Ophthalmology Department for a one year old Springfield girl whose family was in need of financial help.

This is what the doctor explain to us in a letter requesting help; The patient was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma on 12/23/20, followed by enucleation of the left eye on 8/25/21. An ocular prosthesis is necessary for the following reasons:

  1. To insure proper expansion of tissues in the bony orbit of the eye.
  2. To reduce atrophy of orbital tissues.
  3. To provide a surface for proper blinking and functioning of the upper and lower eyelids.
  4. To restore a child’s craniofacial appearance to normal, thereby reducing the risk of psychological damage caused by an unsightly empty eye socket.

Congratulations everyone, this is what our Lions Club is all about!!!!!

Springfield Noon Lions provides Eye Prosthesis to one year old Springfield girl