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Springfield Noon Lions Club
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2014-2015 Officers


President:                                 Chris Walcher

Immediate Past President:       Phil Brooks

1st Vice President:                   Limey Nargelenus

2nd Vice President:                  Larry Bunting 

Secretary:                                 Tom Gallagher

Treasurer:                                Joe Brockamp


If you have any questions for the Springfield Noon Lions Club, please call Tom Gallagher at 217-321-3417.
Check us out on Facebook too! 

Tail Twisters:                 Mark Cullen and Jim Grohne

Lion Tamer:                  Dale Diamond

Director, One Year:      John Albers

Director, One Year:      Dave Moreland

Director, One Year:      Larry Werline

Director, Two Years:    Marne Fauser

Director, Two Years:    Mitch Murdock

Director, Two Years:    Ron Wenger

Membership Chair:      Paul Anthony

Bulletin Editor:              Ron Wenger

Who is the Springfield Noon Lions Club?
 •  We are men and women in the Springfield area who have volunteered our time and resources to help our communities since 1919.
•  We are members of the largest service organization in the world.
•  We are your friends and neighbors.
What does the Springfield Noon Lions Club do?
In 1925 Helen Keller challenged Lions to be the Knights of the Blind.  Since then Lions around the world have helped the blind, visually impaired, and deaf communities.
Locally, the Springfield Noon Lions Club has been a proud supporter of
•  Mary Bryant Home for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Springfield,
•  Heartland Lions Eye Bank, 
•  St. Clare's Health Clinic, and
•  Camp Lions for Blind and Deaf Youth.
But that's not all!  The Springfield Noon Lions Club has provided thousands of dollars in local scholarships, helped local residents with special vision needs, assisted local visually impaired persons obtain service animals, collected thousands of old eye glasses for reuse, and hosted the Lions of Illinois Foundation vision and hearing screening buses.
If you want to help your community, join us in our efforts supporting these and other causes.  Call Paul Anthony at 217-725-4542.
Deadline: April 1, 2015
For graduating high school seniors:
For students returning to college:
Of 56 entries from Benjamin Franklin Middle School, the poster by Allorah Garner won first place.  Trent Minder and Saylor Tidball won second and third place, respectively.  Allorah's poster will proceed to the next level in the contest.  The prizes for first, second, and third place are $100, $50, and $25, respectively.  

The Springfield Noon Lions Club also extends its thanks to the Hoogland Center for the Arts for hosting the posters and voting.
  Poster by Allorah Garner 
Poster by Allorah Garner
Poster by Trent Minder 
Poster by Trent Minder
Poster by Saylor Tidball 
Poster by Saylor Tidball


Congratulations to our 2014 Scholarship winners!
Hannah Norris of Springfield, pictured below, won our 2014 Springfield Noon Lions Club Scholarship
Our 2014 Gordon Thomas Memorial Scholarship winner is Emily Evans of Chatham.
We wish them the best in all of their future endeavors!
Scholarship applications for 2015 will be available on our website early next year.
May 14, 2014 New Member Induction  
Help us extend a warm welcome to our newest members, inducted on May 14, 2014.
2015 Lions Golf Outing


Please join us on June 16, 2015 at Piper Glen Golf Course for the
Ken Parker Memorial Lions Golf Outing
as a player and/or sponsor.
For more information, contact Dan Yuhas at 217-787-7825.



Did you know .....
that from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013, the Springfield Noon Lions Club gave over $8,000 to St. Clare's Health Clinic to provide eye glasses to 128 local adults and children who otherwise would have done without.
$50 provides a pair of glasses and $60 provides a pair of bifocals.
Help us help our community -- Support the Springfield Noon Lions Club
Learn more about St. Clare's Health Clinic at 

Lions serving meals at the 2013 Star Party
Congratulations to Lion Dave Milner on completing his hike of the Appalachian Trail!  
Dave and his son Ty hold the Lions banner atop Mount Jasper.
Each month of 2015, the Springfield Noon Lions Club will draw from the names of all those who purchased a calendar a winner for each day of that month. Bonus prizes will also be awarded each month.  Winners will receive their check in the mail and need not take any action to claim their prize.

          Prize             #         Name                                                              City     

     $100.00         3809      Kim Maisch                                                   Springfield             

         25.00          3024      Paul Loutzenhiser                                        Springfield

         25.00          3029      Michael Niehaus                                          Springfield

         25.00          3041      Larry Bunting                                                New Berlin

         25.00          3058      Patty Trader                                                 New Berlin

         25.00          3101      Raegan Blankenship                                   Springfield

         25.00          3148      Kris Glintborg                                               Riverton             

         25.00          3153      Luella Buske                                                Litchfield

         25.00          3218      Rachel Wakelin                                            Springfield

         25.00          3321      Ashley Ryker                                                Litchfield

         25.00          3337      Bryon Wenger                                              Smyrna, TN

         25.00          3353      Chris Walcher                                               Springfield             

         25.00          3422      Tami Schlueter                                             Athens 

         25.00          3429      Warren Atherton                                          Springfield

         25.00          3451      Emmet Fairfield                                            Chatham

         25.00          3480      Donna Hickerson                                         Springfield

         25.00          3533      Karen Munoz                                                Springfield

         25.00          3570      Gabe Urbance                                              Springfield             

         25.00          3646      Carla Bolt                                                      Springfield

         25.00          3661      Lois Schmitt                                                  Jesup, IA

         25.00          3672      Phyllis Modlin                                               Grundy Center, IA

         25.00          3766      Patrick Hellner                                              Springfield

         25.00          3768      Jill Miller                                                       Rochester

         25.00          3783      Edward Warner                                            Ocala, FL

         25.00          3797      Doug Brown                                                 Taylorville

         25.00          3825      Karen Appelbaum                                        Springfield

         25.00          3879      Raegen Paisley                                            Chatham

         25.00          3918      Mary Bryant Home                                      Springfield

         25.00          3934      Al & Bev Hall                                                Springfield

         25.00          3940      Greg Thoele                                                 Springfield

         25.00          3976     Gloria Hoehn                                                 Springfield

         25.00          3995      Lauren Ferry                                                 Springfield

 Click below for lists of prior Winners:
  1. All About Eyes – 2806 Plaza Dr.
  2. American’s Best – Contacts & Eyeglasses – 3207 Veterans Parkway
  3. Bergh-White Opticians, Inc. – 2351 W. Monroe St.
  4. Bisch & Son Funeral Home – 505 E. Allen St.
  5. Bisch Funeral Home – 2931 S. Koke Mill Rd.    
  6. Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - 524 E. Lawrence Ave., Springfield, IL    
  7. Cozy Dog Drive In – 2935 S. 6th St.
  8. Curry Funeral Home – 407 Carroll St., Pawnee,  IL
  9. Dr. Barnes Eyemart Express – 3427 Freedom Dr.
  10. Elf Shelf – 413 E. Adams   
  11. Friar Tuck Beverage – 2930 Constitution Dr.
  12. Gailey Eye Clinic - 1401 S. Koke Mill Rd.
  13. JC Penny Optical – 1201 S. Dirksen Parkway
  14. Lake Shore Learning Center – 6100 S. 6th St.
  15. LensCrafters – 2765 S. Veterans Parkway
  16. Lutheran High School – 3600 W. Washington St.    
  17. Mary Bryant Home for the Blind – 2960 Stanton St.
  18. Memorial Medical Center – Human Resource Service Center – 200 W. Dodge St.
  19. Murphy Rug Cleaners – 2121 S. 9th St.
  20. Persian Rug Center – 2121 S. 9th St., Springfield, IL
  21. Sam's Club - 2300 White Oaks Dr.
  22. Security Bank – 510 E. Monroe St.    
  23.        “          “     -  3001 Chatham Rd.
  24.        “          “     -  2500 Stevenson Dr.
  25.        “          “     -  300 S. Grand Ave. West
  26. Sentinel Pest Control – 1001 S. 9th St.    
  27. Springfield Public Schools Administration Office – 1900 W. Monroe St.
  28. Staab Funeral Home – 1109 S. 5th St.      
  29. Vision Care Associates – 121 N. Grand  & 2741 Prairie Crossing Dr. 
  30. Williamsville Public Library


Our Meetings


We meet every Tuesday at Noon at Golden Corral. All are welcome to come and visit! 

Feel free to contact us at



Our History


The Springfield Noon Lions Club was born on October 2nd, 1919. At a meeting held on that date in the Leland Hotel under the Leadership of H.B. Hill, who served as president until June of 1921, the first beginnings of our club were recorded.


Simple Installation ceremonies and the exhibit of the charter for the first time took place at an evening meeting at the Leland Hotel on November 4, 1919. Secretary General Melvin Jones presented the charter and Field Secretaries Ira Quinby and A.P. Shaw of the International were present.


The orginal charter was dated October 31, 1919 and contained 26 names.