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June 2016 Bulletin

Brian Hoffman  | Published on 7/13/2016
June 14, 2016 Meeting
The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 19 members and one guest.  The guest was Mike Lelys who is Executive Director of Oak Ridge Cemetery.  Larry Bunting acted as President in the absence of Limey Nargelenas.  Larry reported that he has the Sangamon County gates fairly well manned.  Dan Yuhas said that the golf outing was coming along nicely but needs more golfers.  He stated we have 40 holes sponsors.  Larry announced that we received thank you notes from Brittany Bentley a former scholarship winner and Jenna Kokkat who recently was awarded a scholarship for this year.  Tail Twister Larry Werline was especially proficient in his job and fined almost half of the Lions in attendance !!!!  Lion of the Day was Ron Wenger and he introduced our speaker Mayor Jim Langfelder.  The Mayor spoke to us on many current topics he is dealing with and was gracious enough to allow us a Q & A session.  The 50/50 was won by Ron Wenger
June 28, 2016 Meeting
The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 18 members and one guest. The guest was Jerry Curry’s son Tommy. President Limey Nargelenas thanked everyone who played or worked the golf outing and especially our cook Tommy Curry. Golf outing chairman Dan Yuhas informed the club that the outing was a success and the club made almost $9,000. There were 16 teams in the outing and everyone spoke highly of our outing. The club would like to thank Dan for heading up this fundraiser. Sangamon County Fair gate chairman Larry Bunting informed the club that the fair was pleased with our efforts and Marne’s former organization that helped man the gates. Larry stated that 37 members and spouses worked the fair and he wanted to thank everyone who participated. The club would like to thank Larry & Marne for their time and efforts in this fundraising endeavor. Larry Bunting also informed the club that we received our check for the Sight & Sound tickets in the amount of $372. Tail Twister Larry Werline fined everyone in attendance except Ron Wenger, Limey Nargelenas, Marne Fauser, Joe Brockamp, Larry Bunting, Dan Yuhas, Jerry Gardner and Jerry Curry. Jerry Gardner fined himself $10 and announced he has been married 47 years. Lion of the day was Ron Wenger who introduced our speaker Sheriff Wes Barr. Wes spoke to the club about what he has accomplished in the first year and what he wants to accomplish in the near future for his department. The 50/50 was won by Larry Bunting.