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March 2014 Bulletin

Ron Wenger  | Published on 3/13/2014

Calendar of Events

03-21-14   District Convention – Decatur Conference Center & Hotel

03-22-14   District Convention – Decatur Conference Center & Hotel

04-26-14   Earth Day – Lincoln Park (We will have a tent selling rain barrels)

05-21-14   Senior Celebration - Orr Building at Illinois State Fair

06-04-14   Lions Health Fair - (Sangamon County Health Department)

06-17-14   Springfield Noon Lions Golf Outing @ Piper Glen



March 4, 2014

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 21 members and no guest.  President Phil Brooks presented membership chair Chris Walcher with a Membership Key Pin for recruiting 2 new members this year.  Dale Diamond announced the March winners for the Calendar Raffle and Scott Kaufman and Ron Ackerman are the big winners.  Tail Twister Dean Paisley fined Joe Brockamp, Dale Diamond, and Ron Wenger.  Lion of the Day was Jerry Curry who introduced our speaker Ian Hunt.  Ian is the Historian for the Abe Lincoln Museum. Ian talked to us about the succession of the South during the Civil War and some of the underlying reasons this happened.  The 50/50 was won by Larry Bunting.


March 11, 2014

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 20 members and 2 guests attending.  The guests were Dave Painter and Tim Hickman.  Membership Chairman Chris Walcher made sure both had club membership applications.  District 1L President Steve Frankenstein reported that the IL District Convention is the weekend of March 21 & 22 and he has several Springfield Noon Lions volunteering to help him.  Steve would like anyone who wants to attend this function and support our club.  Tail Twister Dean Paisley was unsuccessful in his attempts to fine anyone today.  Lion of the Day was Phil Brooks who introduced our speaker Ben Wierzma who is the coach of the men’s UIS basketball team.  Ben talked about his season and what he would like to see next year as far as recruits.  The 50/50 was won by Ken Parker.

March 18, 2014

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 23 members and 7 guests.  The guests were Jerry Curry’s children Kathleen, Tommy & Anna, Evelyn Thomas’s friend Linda Lybarger, Dean Paisley’s grandson Preston Paisley, Dean Paisley’s friend  Mickey McDaniels and Delmar Buske’s wife Luella.  President Brooks welcomed back Evelyn Thomas.  John Albers passed out brochures on the new rain barrel promotion for the club.  Dan Yuhas gave an update to the club on the snow pile at White Oaks Mall contest which is still ongoing.  Tail Twister Dean Paisley fined Dan Yuhas, Ron Wenger, and himself. There wasn’t a speaker today due to conflict of schedule.  The 50/50 was won by Delmar Buske.


March 25, 2014

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 25 members and 2 guests attending.  The guests were Evelyn Thomas’s friend Linda Lybarger and Dave Painter who put in his application for membership.  Governor Steve Frankenstein gave an update on the District IL convention last weekend.  Chris Walcher was elected 1st Vice District Elect and Bob Maxey was presented a President’s Certificate of Appreciation.  Dan Yuhas gave us an update on the guess the date the snow is gone at White Oaks.  Dan also gave us an update on the Lions Basketball Brackets Contest.  Tail Twister Dean Paisley fined nobody again today due to Helen Hellner answering his question correctly.  Jerry Curry was Lion of the Day and introduced our speaker Chris Winters.  Chris is affiliated with the Miss America pageant. Chris talked about the pageant and how the participants are judged and how the pageant itself is run.  The 50/50 was won by Limey Nargelenas.