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Springfield Noon Lions Club
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May 2013 Bulletin

Ron Wenger  | Published on 5/8/2013

                                                    Calendar of Events

5-15-13        Senior Expo – Hearing & Vision Bus will be at Orr Building

5-17-13        Springfield Art Fair    (May 17,18 & 19)

6-18-13        Lions Golf Outing – Piper Glen

6-20-13        Springfield Noon Lions Installation Dinner  (Island Bay @ 6:00)

8-03-13        Lions Foundation Golf Outing  (Gibson City)


5-14-13        Darrell Tureski – Nylas Cleaning

5-21-13        Joe Blankenship – Professional Dog Training
5-28-13        David Impastato – Piper Glen Golf Course

6-04-13        Bill Hill – Director of Community Relations for Spfld Sliders

6-11-13        Natalie Sparacio – ABC Channel 2 Morning Show


May 7, 2013

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 24 members and 2 guests in attendance. The guests were ken parker’s daughter Suzanne Helmerichs and Steve Schmeltzer, of UpCycle-Products, the rain barrel supplier for our latest fundraiser. The May 14 meeting will be held at the regular time but at Bella Milano Restaurant on West Wabash. John Albers gave an update on the sale of rain barrels. John informed the club that he has collected for 30 rain barrels and has more spoken for at this time. Ken Parker then informed the club that the golf outing is doing nicely in sponsors and he expects to collect for more sponsors and foursomes before the June 18th event. Tail Twister Curt Fischer fined Dale Diamond (2), Bob Maxey, Phil Brooks and Ron Wenger (2). Lion of the Day was Ken Parker who introduced our speaker Chris Daniels. Chris spoke about the Refuge Ranch. Dale Diamond drew for the calendar lottery and Doug Smith was the large winner this month. The 50/50 was won by Ken Parker.

May 15, 2013

The meeting was held at the Bella Milano with 22 members and one guest in attendance.

The guest was Jean Fischer who is the wife of our very own Curt Fischer. President Steve Frankenstein presented David Moreland with the Melvin Jones Award which is one of the highest honors that the Lions Club presents to one of its’ members. David is a well deserving recipient for his exemplary Lionism. It was announced that the Lions Club has sold 58 rain barrels in its’ fund raising efforts. The scholarship committee has selected two deserving applicants for the college scholarships we award and may have a deserving third applicant that we can award a scholarship to this year. Tail Twister Curt Fischer fined Steve Frankenstein (Easy Target), Larry Bunting, Dan Yuhas & Bill Maxey. Ken Parker was Lion of the Day and he introduced our speaker Darrell Tureskis. Darrell is the owner of Nylas Cleaning and also a world record holder for bell ringing for the Salvation Army. Darrell set the record at 60 hours in 2011 and shares the title with 2 others for consecutive hours of bell ringing for the Salvation Army in 2012 at 80 hours. The 50/50 was won by Bill Maxey.


May 22, 2013

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 21 members and 1 guest in attendance. The guest was Rachel Schroeder’s’ friend Lynn. Mitch Murdock reported they had a good turn out for the Hearing & Visions buses at the Senior Expo. John Albers reported that 58 rain barrels were passed out on May 18th.  The Art Fair was well attended and many brats and dogs were professionally grilled for our customers. Steve Frankenstein reported that the Lions State Convention turned out nicely. Substitute Tail Twister Chris Walcher fined Phil Brooks, Mitch Murdock, Bill Hickerson, Ron Wenger and Steve Frankenstein (2). Lion of the Day was Ken Parker who introduced our speaker Joe Blankenship. Joe is a professional dog trainer and discussed different techniques to train dogs. The 50/50 was won by Helen Helner.

May 28, 2013


The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 23 members and 1 guest in attendance. The guest was Tommy Curry. The nomination committee met May 27th and the below officers and directors were nominated for next year. The club will vote on these nominees on June 11th at the weekly meeting. Steve Frankenstein advised the club that the rain barrel manufacturer would like to extend the time we sell rain barrels and it will be discussed by the club. Tail Twister Curt Fischer was in rare form and was kind enough to twist everyone’s tail for $1 due to a fixed card game he devised !!!!!!!. Lion of the Day was Ken Parker who introduced our speaker Dave Impastato. Joe is the owner and PGA professional at Piper Glen Golf Club. Dave spoke about the different programs he has at Piper Glen and about his junior golf program. The 50/50 was won by Ken Parker.
Nominated Officers & Directors


President :                                      Phil Brooks

Immediate Past President :            Steve Frankenstein

1st Vice President :                         Limey Nargelenas

2nd Vice President :                        Chris Walcher

Secretary:                                       Tom Gallagher

Treasurer:                                       Joe Brokamp

Tail Twister:                                   Dean Paisley

Lion Tamer:                                    Dale Diamond

Director-One Year                          Mike Fishel

Director-One Year                          Brian Hoffman

Director-One Year                          Josh Langfelder

Director-Two Years                        Larry Bunting

Director-Two Years                        Dave Moreland

Director-Two Years                        John Albers