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November 2012 Bulletin

Ron Wenger  | Published on 11/14/2012

November 6, 2012

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 25 memberswith no guests in attendance. It was noted that the editor made a slight errorand stated the Lions received $4,200 in Candy Day sales but was closer to$2,200. OOOPS! It was noted thatDale Diamond has turned over the reins as chairman of Candy Day to Bill Maxeynext year. We would like to thank Dalefor all the hard work he has put in as Candy Day Chairman. Dale noted thesale of Lions Calendars is going well and encourages everyone to get thecalendars sold and the money turned in as soon as possible. Dale also reportedon the Lions/Red Cross bowling fundraiser. He stated he is getting teams signedup and encourages everyone to work on getting door prizes for the event. TailTwister Curt Fischer proceeded to fine Steve Frankenstein, Dan Yuhas, JamesHockenyos and Kevin Pippin who failed to answer his NFL trivia questionscorrectly. The speaker for the day was our very own Dr. Paul Anthony. Paul toldthe club about his recent trip to the Mediterranean. Paul and his wife went ona cruise aboard a 300 foot sailing ship with 5 masts. The cruise started inVenice, Italy and then went to Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia , then to Sicily andback to Rome, Italy. Dr. David Milner won the
50/50 drawing.


November 13, 2012

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 28 membersand no guests in attendance. The club wants to send their condolences to DebFoster and her family with the passing of Deb’s sister. The club would like tocongratulate Evelyn Brandt Thomas for her second place finish in the wreathcategory at the Festival of Trees. President Frankenstein informed the clubthat our first place entry in the Peace Poster Contest advanced to the statelevel. Dale Diamond advised everyone that the calendar sales are going well andhe needs for everyone to turn in their sold calendars so he can get a goodcount on how many we have sold. Tail Twister Fischer fined Nick Appelbaum,Brian Hoffman, Bill Hickerson & Larry Bunting. Lion of the Day was JamieLeslie and she introduced our speaker Chuck Williams from the Dana ThomasHouse. Chuck gave us the history of the Dana Thomas House and a very nice slideshow. The 50/50 winner was Dan Yuhas.

November 20, 2012

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 23 memberswith 3 guests in attendance. The guests were Christie Rolf, Peggy Jacobson& Jeanette Stratton. It was reported that the Salvation Army is looking forvolunteers to be bell ringers during the holidays. Dale Diamond stated that thecalendar sales are still going strong and encourages everyone to sell them andget the money to him so he can track the sales better. It was noted that theirwill not be a regular meeting on 12-4-12 due to the Christmas Party that nightat Gallagher’s Steakhouse. If you haven’t signed up yet and want to go pleasecontact Jamie Leslie. Dan Yuhas stated that the hat decorating for theChristmas party is going well and it should be a lot of fun to see what peopledo with this challenge. The Tail Twister (Curt Fischer) then fined DaveMoreland in absentia, Dan Yuhas, Limey Nargelenas & Chris Walcher. Lion ofthe Day was Jami Leslie who introduced our speaker Mark Hannah. Mark is theExecutive Director of the Abraham Lincoln Springfield Airport. Mark talked aboutwhat was going on at the airport currently and what may coming down the road(runway !!). The 50/50 was won by Ron Wenger who won a book on Springfieldaviation and Mitch Murdock.



November 27, 2012

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral with 23 membersand 1 guest in attendance. The guest was Jeanette Stratton. It was noted byDale Diamond that we have sold almost half of the calendars and would like themturned in as soon as possible. Dale also would like everyone to reserve theirlanes for the Lions Fundraiser on December 7th as soon as possibleso he gets a good count. Dan Yuhas reported that there has been a big interestin our making Christmas hats and hopes to have a fun time with all the entriesat the Christmas Party. A sign up sheet for the Pancake Breakfast on January 6,2013 was circulated. Please make an effort to help out with this fundraiser ifyou can work a shift. The Tail Twister then fined Lions Mitch Murdock, JerryGardner, David Rolf, Gary Rapaport and Chris Walcher. Lion of the Day was JamiLeslie who introduced our speaker Kay Meneghetti. Kay Meneghetti is fromCaregivers Resource Center. Kay spoke to us about their Third Age Livingprogram. The 50/50 was won by Joe Brokamp.