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September 2012 Bulletin

Ron Wenger  | Published on 9/14/2012

September 4, 2012 Meeting

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral Restaurant with 27members and 2 guests in attendance. Guests were Lynn Cawley and Jeanette Stratton. It was mentioned that Lions hats are still available at $12.50 each.  It was reported that Jerry Gardner’s bowling party he won was held 8-29-12 and was well attended by fellow Lions and employees.  Dale Diamond passed out 20 calendars to each member to sell for $20 each. This is one of our major fundraisers for the year. Curt Fischer then fined everyone who hasn’t bowled a 300 or had a hole in one, which was almost everyone. Chris Walcher was Lion of the Day and introduced our speaker Kara Gray. Kara is the Executive Director ofthe Springfield Pregnancy Care Center, Inc. The 50/50 drawing was won by Dan Yuhas.


September 11, 2012 Meeting

The meeting was held at the Golden Corral Restaurant with 27 members and 2 guests in attendance. Guests were Donna Keller and Jeanette Stratton. Welcome back Deb Foster, Amy Eden & David Rolf. Lions now have a membership challenge going on between Nargelenas vs. Frankenstein and Brooks vs. Stratton. Dale Diamond stated that calendar sales are under way. TailTwister fined Ken Tupy, Ed Cunningham, Steve Frankenstein, Deb Foster & Kevin Pippin. Lion of the day was Steve Frankenstein who introduced our speaker District Governor Dean Keller. Governor Keller talked about dedication +preparation + teamwork = excellence. Dr. Stratton won the 50/50 drawing. I would like to thank Dave Moreland for his excellent job as substitute editor-in-chief.


September 18, 2012 Meeting

The meeting was held at theGolden Corral Restaurant with 27 members and 1 guest in attendance. Guest forthe day was Jeanette Stratton. It was noted that Jean Fischer was doing well athome with a long recovery period expected. It was noted that Phil Brooks nephewLance Brooks was honored at the New Berlin Homecoming for his athleticaccomplishments including the Olympics this year. Dr. Paul Anthony was awardeda District Chairperson Chevron for serving as Sight Preservation Chair. It wasnoted that the Mary Bryant Home is looking for drivers and vehicles to helpdeliver chili on October 19 from 11-4. Evelyn Thomas informed the club that sheis once again making a wreath for the Lions to enter into the Festival ofTrees. Chris Walcher served as Lion of the Day and introduced our speaker BenJohnson. Ben is President of All Pro Floor Care. He spoke about what he did inhis business. Limey Nargelenas was the winner of the 50/50.


September 25, 2012 Meeting

The meeting was held at theGolden Corral Restaurant with 27 members in attendance. Steve Frankensteinserved as chairman and welcomed back Gail Day. It was noted that Joe Gill hasagreed to become our newest member. Steak Fry will be $20 for members & $10 for guest , please contact Joe Brokamp if not signed up. President Frankensteinthen informed the club that John Albers has received 40-45 entries fromFranklin Middle school in the Lions Peace Poster Contest. It was noted that theChristmas Party will be 12-4-12 at a location to be determined. Tail TwisterFischer informed the club that October is Ollie and Lena joke month and Lionsshould be ready to tell an Ollie & Lena joke or be fined. Dan Yuhas, DaleDiamond, Larry Bunting and Steve Frankenstein were fined by the Tail Twister.Lion of the Day was Chris Walcher who introduced our speaker Rich Payne. Richis on the Denim and Diamonds committee and talked about this fundraiser held on10-20-12. Bob Maxey won the 50/50 drawing.