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July 2012 Bulletin

Ron Wenger  | Published on 8/11/2012

July 2012 Meetings


July 3, 2012 Meeting

This was the first meeting with our new PresidentSteve Frankenstein presiding. Therewere 4 visitors, Matt Diamond, Kyle Diamond, Tyler Frankenstein & FeeHabtes. It was noted that Ken Parker was doing better and should be out of thehospital soon. Curt Fischer’s wife (Jean) is also in the hospital and they areassessing her recovery timetable. The following members were fined bysubstitute tail twister Chris Walcher : David Moreland, Ron Wenger, MikeFishel, Kevin Pippin, Steve Frankenstein (Justget use to it) and former member Fee Habtes. This was a business meetingwith a lot of projects discussed. The Star Party will be held on October 12, 13& 14 which is also the scheduled time for Lions Candy Day. We may holdCandy Day a different time this year. It was noted that the club made $13,500approximately from the Lions Golf Outing. Aspecial thank you to everyone who made this another great event, but especiallyKen Parker, Dan Yuhas and the Curry Chefs.


July 10, 2012 Meeting


There were 23 members and 3visitors at the meeting. Visitors were Tyler Frankenstein and his friendPressley (not Elvis) and Mrs. Jeanette Stratton. It was noted that Jean Fischeris still recovering at the hospital and Ken Parker is getting a lot better. It was stated that the July 24thmeeting will be held at AmericanHarvest on Iles & Koke Mill. Chris Walcher graciously agreed to beSpeaker Chairman for the year. Limey Nargelenas volunteered to get the speakersfor the month of August. A list will becirculated for volunteers for futuremonths. Curt Fischer informed the club that the Lions Pancake Breakfastwill be held November 4, 2012 at the KC Hall on Iles. Dale Diamond then informed the club that he is heading the sale ofLions calendars for a fund raising project. We as a club will sell 1000calendars for $20 each and there will be a winner every day in a lottery. Curt Fischer officially started his job asTail Twister and fined Dave Moreland, Steve Coyle, David Rolf, JeanetteStratton & Ron Wenger. The speakerof the day was Jeff Hoffman who spoke about and showed slides of his medicalmission to Panama.


July 17, 2012 Meeting

There were 26 members and twovisitors present at the meeting. The visitors were Sydney Diamond and RobertRogers. Dan Yuhas was welcomed back from his trip to Paris. Dale Diamond reported that he has all12 sponsors for the calendar sale lined up at this time. We are going to startthe sale of these calendars in September and hopefully can sell 1,000. The TailTwister failed to fine me this week, but the following members were not quiteso lucky: Steve Frankenstein, Dan Yuhas, James Hockenyos, Jim Grohne, ChrisWalcher, Mike Fishel & Phil Brooks. The Lion of the Day was SteveFrankenstein who introduced our speaker Sharon Durbin. Sharonis from the Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries.Sharon informedthe members what Goodwill Industries does for the community. The 50-50 was wonby Lion Dale Diamond.


July 24, 2012 Meeting


The meeting was held at American Harvest Restaurant as atest for a new place to have meetings. There were 24 members present and novisitors. President Steve Frankenstein welcomed back Amy Eden, Ken Parker andEvelyn Thomas. Ken Parker was at the meeting and stated he was doing better andhas been released to play golf. Mrs. Fischer is still in the hospital andrehabbing from her illness. Jack Foster had a heart procedure and is doingwell. The Star Party is October 11, 12 & 13 and a volunteer sheet will besent around closer to the event. The official Lion’s Candy Day falls within thistime frame but will be held on a different date by our club. Evelyn Thomasstated her Justin Allgaier party went well on the 19th and around2,000 people attended. Curt Fischer our talented Tail Twister fined thefollowing people: Jerry Curry, Evelyn Thomas, Paul Anthony, Ken Parker, DebFoster & Ron Wenger. It was notedthat Ron Wenger will have amnesty from the Tail Twister on the 7-31-12 meeting.The program of the day was presented by Steve Frankenstein & MikeFishel. They visited Camp Lions last week and stated it was a wonderfulexperience. Steve talked about what they saw and did during the visit. Next Dr.Paul Anthony gave us a brief slide show of all the different medical missionshe has been on throughout the World. Jamie Leslie won the 50/50.



July 31, 2012 Meeting

The meeting was held at Golden Corral and there were 27members and 1 guest in attendance. The guest was Noel Albers the daughter ofJohn Albers. It was stated that long time Lion Louis Manfredo passed away onJuly 26 and we observed a moment of silence for our dear Lion. It was alsonoted that Lion Jim Hopwell is in the hospital with some medical issues andalso Mrs. Fischer is continuing her recovery from her illness. Jerry Gardner is in charge of a bowling partyand has invited the first 35 Lions and family members to sign up to bowl forfree on August 22 at Laketown Lanes from 6:30-8:30 PM. A sign up sheet is beingcirculated but you can contact Jerry directly also. Phil Brooks gave us an updatethat Lance Brooks will be throwing the discus in the Olympics August 6 at 4 AMour time. Tail Twister Curt Fischer fined Steve Frankenstein and Dan Yuhas andBill Maxey & Ron Wenger received immunity for August for answer the quizquestion correctly. Nick Appelbaum stated that he and Gary Rapaport last weekfinished the RAGBRAI bike race which is 492 miles of Iowa roads. Lion of theday was Steve Frankenstein and the speaker was Bruce Blanchan from theSpringfield park District. The 50/50 was won by Mike Fishel.